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On Saturday night, August 26th, all the talking ends and the fight of the century takes to the ring. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will duke it out in Las Vegas in what should be the richest prizefight to ever take place. Boxing betting is already through the roof as everyone wants a piece of

Wimbledon started on July 3. Already, the 2017 Wimbledon odds for the favorites on both the men’s and women’s sides have dropped dramatically. Keep reading for information on the current odds as well as some info on where the action is headed. Use Ultimate Per Head’s premium tools and features to mitigate risk and balance

To become a successful online bookie agent, you need certain personal traits. It takes those traits to be successful in any business, not just the per head industry. After those traits, there are specific, essential services that all per head agents need to become successful per head agents. Below, I list 5 of those essential

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Against the spread wagering is such that underdogs lose as much as they win. The reason is because there is never a true underdog when it comes to against the spread wagering. Pay per head agents should keep reading to understand what I mean. Are Underdogs Per Head Agents’ Best Friends? Below are four basic

  It is the fight of the century, and sportsbooks around the world have gone into overdrive for Mayweather vs McGregor odds. The big fight will take place August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is expected to be the richest bout ever. While some have cried farce over the entire ordeal and the

If you, as a pay per head agent, aren’t promoting the online casino, you’re missing out on profit. Some of you might be missing out on substantial profit. Start to promote online casinos to your players. Keep reading for 3 reasons why this is the case. The House (You!) Always Has an Edge Sometimes, it’s

A popular wager for casual players is the parlay bet. Most online bookie agents accept parlay bets during NFL and college football season. Parlay betting goes down during NBA Season, March Madness, and MLB Season. Agents might also discover that once parlay betting goes down, the amount of revenue they acquire goes down as well.

The 2017 Stanley Cup is in the books. The Pittsburgh Penguins took home the Stanley Cup after beating the Nashville Predators 4 games to 2. Already, NHL odds are out for next year’s Cup. Before getting into that, what lesson did online bookie agents learn?   How Rare was Pittsburgh’s Back-To-Back Stanley Cup Win? Before

It looked like the NHL Stanley Cup was all but over just a few days ago. The reigning champion Pittsburgh Penguins not only won games 1 and 2, but did so in dominating fashion. When the best of seven series shifted to Nashville, and the Predators’ hometown crowd got behind them, many expected the series