When to Set Up Bookie Software Settle Alerts

Monday, 13 August 2018 / Published in News

NFL Preseason Week 1 is in the books, which means it’s time for all pay per head agents to consider when best to create settle alerts. The action should come in droves starting around August 31, the first official day of the new college football season. The very next week, Sep. 6, is the start of the NFL Regular Season.

When should agents use the Ultimate Per Head settle alert tool to either collect or pay out?

When to Set Up Bookie Software Settle Alerts

Casual players and pro players are different. You don’t want to set up settle alerts on the same schedule for casual players and pro players. Pro players, because this is what they do on a weekly and monthly basis, are more aware of when they must settle than casual players.

You give pro players more breathing room. Check out a couple of settle alert tool rules for both casual and pro players:

Casual player rules:

  1. Create settle alert for no more than $500

$500 is a pretty good number to settle with a casual player. If a casual player is into their per head agent for $500, they’re likely to not gamble for a set amount of time. Therefore, the rule should be set at $400, or even $300, once that total hits, the bookie agent should collect or pay out, or at least alert the casual player that he or she is about to hit his or her $500 threshold.

There are some casual players that can play with more than $500 and be okay.

  1. Create settle alert for no more than $500 a week

If a casual player wants a higher marker, say, $500 a week ($2,000 a month), the online bookie agent could find himself in some trouble if the casual player ends up blowing that amount of money each and every month.

It’s important to create a settle alert at less than half of whatever the casual player marker is. For example, if it is $2,000 per month ($500 per week), the settle alert should be set at $1,000.

Pro player settle alert rules:

There’s really only one rule for pro players: settle alerts are determined by the individual pro player. Pro players are more capable of settling than casual players. A pro player might want something like $5,000. If they want something like $5,000, online bookie agents should consider creating a settle alert tool at around $4,000.

If they want more than $5,000, they should have some history with you, the agent. If they don’t, it’s up to each individual agent on whether they wish to assume the risk of a high action pro player.

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