How Online Bookies Use The Schedule Limit Override Tool To Maximize Profit

Friday, 29 September 2017 / Published in News

Pay per head agents partnering with Ultimate Per Head are provided access to several PPH tools. One of the most important PPH tools is the schedule limit override tool.

Most agents already know all about the schedule limit override tool. The real key is to know when to use it.

It still might help to go over the schedule limit override tool basics. Keep reading for those basics before seeing how all per head agents can use the tool to maximize profit

What Does the Schedule Limit Override Tool Do?

The schedule limit override tool allows agents to set circle limits on a schedule. The agent can set circle limits on a schedule for the following:

Specific Sports – Example:  Disallow wagers on all NBA Basketball games for set an amount of time.

A Period – Example: Disallow wagering on the NFL MVP Future from Thursday mornings to Monday mornings.

A Profile – Example:  Set a schedule limit override from now until after Super Bowl 52 on a specific player that has bet $200 on Jacksonville at +1500 to win Super Bowl 52.

Schedule Limit Override Tool:  Maximize Profits

At first glance, the schedule limit override tool might appear to only be a cost-saving measure. Disallowing all bettors to put money on NBA Basketball games for an entire 4-hours, as an example, implies that the agent is worried about taking action on NBA basketball games.

This isn’t necessarily the case. A healthy online bookie business acquires revenue from several different revenue streams.

Therefore, it’s important that online bookie agents work hard to promote wagering on those revenue streams that lag other revenue streams.

No bookmaking business can survive on the NFL and college football alone. Not in the long run. Check out a tried and true method of utilizing the schedule limit override tool to encourage action on lagging business units.

I’m sticking with the NBA. The season starts on Thursday, October 17. Cleveland hosts Boston. Golden State hosts Houston.

Agents should already be thinking of specific marketing messages that they could deliver about the new NBA Season. To help those marketing messages along, agents should set a schedule limit on that night’s NFL game.

How long should the schedule limit last? It should last at least 2 hours after the marketing message has been delivered.

Since the NBA is at top of mind due to the marketing message, pay per head agents should bolster the marketing message by setting schedule limit overrides on that night’s NFL game.

Players that wish to bet on the NFL will wager no matter what.

When it comes to the NBA, there are plenty of players that will only consider betting on the NBA because of a marketing message.

Using the schedule limit override tool in this way should maximize profits on, in this case, the NBA games on Oct. 17.

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