Online Bookies Can Use Big Underdogs To Grow Their Bottom Line

Thursday, 29 June 2017 / Published in News

Against the spread wagering is such that underdogs lose as much as they win. The reason is because there is never a true underdog when it comes to against the spread wagering.

Pay per head agents should keep reading to understand what I mean.

Are Underdogs Per Head Agents’ Best Friends?

Below are four basic truths about the sports betting industry.

Casual players love favorites – Casual players love to bet on favorites. This goes without writing. Why do casual players love to bet on favorites?

The main reason is because they either don’t want to, or don’t care to, do their own handicapping.

If Vegas oddsmakers like one team over another, often casual players favor that team.

Casual players don’t bet a lot – Collectively, casual players account for most revenue and profit generated by a per head agent.

But, on their own, casual players don’t bet a lot. Since they’re not betting a lot, again, they back favorites.

Pro players always try to beat casual players – This is the key to understanding how underdogs make you profit.

Pro players handicap on the value of the spread. What it means is that in an against the spread proposition, pro players look at the line and handicap per the line.

If casual players have bet so much on the favorite that the dog gains a couple of points, the pro player looks for a reason to bet on the dog.

If Team A goes up to +7, pro players look for a reason to bet on Team A. Pro players often go against public opinion.

Casual players create public opinion.  


The Wagers Solutions Layoff Account

In ATS betting, there is no such thing as an underdog. Not from the online bookie agents point of view.

Think about it. You’re a pay per head agent. You see $1,000 bet on Team A at +5. You see $1,000 bet on Team B at -5.

Sports betting language requires us to call Team A the underdog. But, if Team A is getting 5 points, are they truly an underdog?

More importantly, in the above situation the online bookie makes $200 in profit because the same amount of dollars was bet on Team A as was bet on Team B.

The 10% juice, $200, comes from the money bet on both teams.

That’s the beauty of the layoff account. It takes away any sort of underdog edge.

If, for some crazy reason, pro players have bet underdogs down to nothing, the layoff account allows for a balancing of the books.

But, it’s also important to note that favorites often cover spreads. Knowing when to use the layoff account, and when not to, is how agents make the big bucks.

The main lesson to remember is this: you’re an online bookie. You use the same language as sports bettors, but you’re not a sports bettor.

You think in terms of revenue and profit, not in terms of underdogs and favorites.

If you stick to the above way of thinking, you won’t fail.

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