Pay Per Head Tips on Profiting With Real-Time Betting Alerts

Wednesday, 11 July 2018 / Published in News

Online bookie agents who sign up for Ultimate Per Head’s $3 per head promo have access to the bet alert tool. The bet alert tool is one of the best ways for agents to increase and protect profit. Check out how agents can do that.

Ultimate Per Head Agents Protect Profit with the Bet Alert Tool

The bet alert tool pings UPH agents when a wager has been placed that follows whatever bet alert parameters the agent has set. For example, if the agent wants to know if a specific pro bettor has wagered on Philadelphia vs Dallas, they can set the bet alert tool to ping them once the pro bettor places the wager.

How does the bet alert tool protect profit?

The bet alert tool protects profit by providing relevant information about large or key wagers. When a pro bettor places a wager, it can cause steam betting. Steam betting happens when casual bettors and other pro bettors follow the move of a wager that’s changed the betting line.

The bet alert tool can help you get ahead of steam betting. It tells you when you might want to use the line mover, set up a schedule limit override, or use some other bookie software tool to manage the specific game.

How does the bet alert tool increase profit?

Not all pro player moves lead to steam betting. Not only that, not all pro player moves increase wagering on the same side. The opposite is often true. The bet alert tool can tell pay per head agents when a game has garnered significant action.

That action could lead to a hot, sometimes scorching, game. Promoting hot games to casual bettors can lead to more profit. Casual bettors don’t spend time handicapping every possible game.  When they know a specific game is hot, they’re more likely to look and eventually wager on that game.

What if a game gets too hot on one side of a spread? That’s when the Ultimate Per Head agent uses the layoff account, a key bookie per head software tool, to stem potential risk.

In addition to the $3 per head promo, online bookie agents can also take advantage of Ultimate Per Head’s referral program. Call a UPH rep at 800-956-2597 for details.