NFL Odds and 2018 Super Bowl Future Wagers For Per Head Agents

Friday, 11 August 2017 / Published in News

The first week of the NFL Preseason should invariably lead to Super Bowl future wagers. Pay per head agents must pay attention to all Super Bowl future wagers.

I’ve written down the names of the 5 favorites to win the 2018 Super Bowl. Keep those teams in mind. I’ve also written down the names of the 5 teams that might attract some dollars in some bookie businesses.

I go in depth into how to handle favorites and dogs. Check it out!

2018 Super Bowl Favorites

New England Patriots              +375

Green Bay Packers                    +750

Dallas Cowboys                         +1200

Seattle Seahawks                       +1200

Atlanta Falcons                          +1600


No team since 2004 and 2005 has won back-to-back Super Bowls. That team, the New England Patriots, is a massive +375 favorite play to win the 2018 Super Bowl.

So many things can happen from now until the end of the NFL Regular Season. I don’t see many pro players making big bets on New England at +375.

I also don’t see many pro players betting Green Bay at +750. The Packers haven’t made it to the Super Bowl since 2010.

Why are they a less than double-digit choice to win it this season? Your guess is as good as mine.

Pro players are more likely to bet on Dallas, Seattle, or Atlanta.  Seattle, especially, figures to garner bets from pro players.

The Seahawks should have an improved offensive line and rushing attack. Atlanta made it to the Super Bowl last season. The Falcons might be the wise guys choice.

What it means is that max betting limits must be in place as soon as possible. Per head agents could roll the dice and allow as many wagers as possible on New England and Green Bay at their less than double-digit odds.

History says that neither the Packers nor the Patriots win the 2018 Super Bowl

2018 Super Bowl Dogs

New York Giants                   +2200

Tampa Bay Buccaneers      +3300

Philadelphia Eagles             +5000

Buffalo Bills                           +10000

Jacksonville Jaguars           +10000


It goes without writing that all agents, including you, should have max betting limits in place for all Super Bowl 52 future propositions.

The reason I’ve listed the teams above is because after my own handicapping, I believe the teams above have the best shot at pulling off a shocker.

The Giants are a legitimate Super Bowl contender. They’re offering odds way above what the odds should be. NYG is no worse than a +1600 choice to win the Super Bowl.

If I can see that, pro players are definitely going to see it.

Make sure max betting limits are in place. Study action, take bets off the board, etc. Never forget that this your online bookie business.

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