5 Super Bowl Betting Lessons Bookies Learned the Hard Way

Wednesday, 14 February 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips, Football, News

The Super Bowl can go one of two ways if you’re a bookie. It can either be very lucrative or a big disappointment.

Here are the top 5 Super Bowl betting lessons that bookies have learned the hard way — learn from them!

1. Only use a reputable online bookie platform.

When it’s one of the busiest times in your online bookie life, with the most potential to earn some serious coin, you don’t want to be messing around.

You need an online bookie platform that will keep you organized, that’s private and most importantly,  one that you can trust.

2. Surround yourself with people that are just as smart as you.

The online bookie world is small. Make sure you surround yourself with both clients and other bookies that you can trust.

This industry can be competitive and it’s important that you don’t let that get the best of you. Keep a good head on your shoulders and pay attention to the company you keep.

3. Don’t let setups or upsets distract you – learn from them.

It’s obviously easy to let a big upset or loss distract you. However it’s more important to keep your head in the game and focus on redeeming yourself.

Go out of your way to congratulate the client the just won big and encourage them to bet more. You might be hanging your head down low but they’re on cloud nine and this is the perfect opportunity for you to use that to your advantage.

4. Money management.

Be smart with your money. This is a mistake we see time and time again, especially during the Super Bowl.

Make sure you have the proper tools and plan in place to effectively, safely, and efficiently manage your money. A well-rounded online bookie platform will help you indefinitely.

5. Always look at the numbers.

The numbers never lie, don’t forget that they’re there. Ultimate Per Head offers extensive reporting to all of our clients.

Take these reports and learn from them. Look at the trends. See who typically bets on certain teams etc.

Now that you know what to do and/or not to do as an online bookie, sign up for Ultimate Per Head today and we’ll help ensure that you don’t have to learn anything the hard way.