5 Per Head Features You Need To Make Cash From Football Betting

Thursday, 24 August 2017 / Published in News

The first NFL games of the 2017-2018 NFL Season is on Sept. 7. On that night, the New England Patriots host the Kansas City Chiefs. All pay per head agents must be ready for a ton of football action.

In addition to the NFL, college football starts on August 26. Much action should arrive to many bookie businesses on that day.

The following 5 per head features and tools help to ensure profit during this football betting season.

1. Layoff account  

It’s important that agents don’t misuse the layoff account. What can the layoff account accomplish? It can help agents balance the books by allowing bookies to lay off money bet on one side of a wager.

For example, if 90% of wagers are placed on New England to cover the spread against KC on Sept. 7 in a specific agent’s book, the agent can use his or her Ultimate Per Head lay off account to balance the football betting.

2. TV Listings

Once again, the power of TV listings should come into full focus. The NFL has Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football.

ESPN broadcasts a premier Thursday Night College Football game. ABC and ESPN broadcast a premier Saturday College Football game.

Running promotions around games on key nights, like Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, can increase action. Agents can also increase action by utilizing regional game TV listings.

3. Line Mover

Ultimate Per Head offers the line mover through their premium package. It’s an absolute must that per head agents acquire a line mover. A line mover allows agents to move NFL and college football betting lines.

Adding a half a point one way or another requires winners and losers. The key to making consistent profit on spread wagering is to never refund bets.

When a half a point, it doesn’t matter which way, is added refunding bets is impossible since no game score can end on half a point.

4. Live Betting Reports

Specific, actionable, live betting reports are also only available through Ultimate Per Head’s premium software package. The very best live betting reports help agents become better at encouraging live bets on football games.

Agents should make sure to study live betting reports for NFL games on Monday night, Thursday night, and Sunday night. If extra marketing is required to bump up those live betting numbers, it’s worth it to do the extra marketing.

5. Settle Alert

The settle alert tool allows agents to create a pre-settle before a settle limit is reached. It does agents no good if their players can’t make any more wagers because they owe those agents too much money.

Creating pre-settles keeps players from getting into trouble. Players that aren’t in trouble financially to online bookie agents can continue to provide action. Without action, there’s no profit.


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