How Master Agents Increase Action in the Online Casino During Super Bowl

Monday, 15 January 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

Super Bowl 52 takes place on Sunday, Feb. 4. Master online bookie agents should make quite a bit of profit on Super Bowl 52 action. However, savvy agents can also make profit from their online casinos during huge events like the Super Bowl.

How? It’s all about tying casino promotions in with Super Bowl betting. Check out 4 top casino promotions that per head agents can run during Super Bowl 52.

Top Casino Promotions to Run During Super Bowl 52

The assumption is that you’ve turned the online casino on for all of your players. Make sure that all your players can place casino bets. It does you no good if a player can’t access the online casino.

Every time out promotion – The every time out promotion is exactly what it sounds like. Every time a team calls a timeout during Super Bowl 52, you can do something simple like to offer 2% on top of all casino winning bets. That should perk the ears up of every player, not just casino players.

You can expand this promotion to include all TV timeouts. The more you offer percentage wise on top of winnings, the more you can expect in casino action.

Quarter promotion – You can use the same method to offer casino promotions after every quarter. The time between quarters is enough to allow for a lot of casino betting action.

Halftime promotion – The same idea can be utilized during Super 52’s halftime show. I’m not sure if anybody watches the halftime show. It’s usually just okay. Not great…just okay. Why not promote online casino betting during the elongated Super Bowl halftime?

Pre-Super Bowl 52 free spin promotion – Pay per head agents can promote action in the online casino before Super Bowl 52 by simply running a Super Bowl 52 Free Spin Promotion. See below for an example of how this could work.

“To celebrate Super Bowl 52, I’m giving you 10 Free Spins if you Bet $20 or more in the Online Casino. Heck, for Every $20 you bet in the Online Casino, I’ll give you 10 Free Spins!”

The online casino is the perfect betting vehicle to promote before and during Super Bowl 52. It doesn’t take much effort for players to log onto a per head agent’s sportsbook. It doesn’t take that much more effort for a player to make online casino bets.

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