Mayweather vs McGregor Prop Bets Price Per Head Agents Should Offer

Friday, 14 July 2017 / Published in Boxing

On Saturday night, August 26th, all the talking ends and the fight of the century takes to the ring.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will duke it out in Las Vegas in what should be the richest prizefight to ever take place.

Boxing betting is already through the roof as everyone wants a piece of the action. Can a mixed martial arts fighter knockout the best boxer from the last 20 years? We will find out.

Check out the Mayweather vs McGregor prop bets you should already be offering below.

Money to be made

Mayweather vs McGregor prop bets are sure to land pay per head agents plenty of cash on fight night. While both fighters and promoters are expected to land a massive windfall of cash – estimated to generate $1 billion!

Online bookies can see a major increase in profits too. All pay per head agents need to do is promote the great Mayweather vs McGregor prop bets and watch the cash flood in.

Mayweather vs McGregor Prop Bets to Promote

Mayweather is the current favorite going into the late August fight. The boxing champion is -500 to win the match. While McGregor goes in at the underdog price of +350.

Due to the chalk being high on Mayweather, it is a good idea for pay per head agents to promote the following prop bets to prevent too much straight up boxing betting on “Pretty Boy” Floyd.

McGregor to win in first four rounds

McGregor is the underdog, but that won’t stop MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship fans from wagering on the Irishman. Despite being out of his element, McGregor could shock the world.

McGregor to win the fight in any of the first four rounds sees odds of +700; which is a great price.

He will need to land some stiff punches to win punters their cash. But it isn’t too likely McGregor can win in this short of time – if he does at all.

Set max betting limits to a price you can afford. Even though it’s unlikely that McGregor can win this one, it still could happen. And that can cost an agent a substantial amount of cash.

Mayweather to win by knockout

Mayweather is the massive favorite and won’t win punters a great deal of cash straight up. But wagering on the boxer to defeat McGregor by knockout is at odds of +300.

McGregor has great stamina and is in great shape, and he can get around a UFC octagon well. The real question is: can he come back from a vicious Mayweather left hook in a boxing ring?

Over/Under betting

Boxing betting experts don’t think this fight will go past 9.5 rounds. With all the excitement, adrenaline and hype, they could be right. The fight going over 9.5 rounds is at odds of +125 and going under 9.5 is set at –175.

This one will likely be a popular choice, you should have already have max betting limits set. If you don’t, you should do that now.

Rematch in 2018

Perhaps the most likely prop bet that punters should take is the rematch in 2018 bet. A massive payday and humiliation on either side could see another fight.

Odds for another fight are at a surprising +455, while no rematch taking place is at a high –875.  Pay per head agents might want to set a scheduled override until these odds even out a bit more.

But, that’s up to the discretion to the bookmaker.

Round Betting

Mayweather may be the heavy favorite, but selecting the round he will win in offers big profits. For the most part, Mayweather sees odds of +1600 for each round.

McGregor’s winning round odds increase as the fight goes on. McGregor’s longest odds are +5000 to win the fight in the 12th round.

Again, the likelihood of McGregor making these odds isn’t very high. But, pay per head agents should be careful with this prop bet though – the payout is massive on either side.

Mayweather vs. McGregor has drawn interest from sports fans and non-sports fans everywhere. This big money fight isn’t just about boxing, it is about two different types of fighters coming together in a major prizefight.

Pay per head agents who offer prop bets and promote them to punters give themselves a chance to win just a little bit of the cash up for grabs on August 26th.

But remember, the best advice any pay per head agent should take seriously is to set max betting limits on all betting options. High stakes games always include risk mitigation.

Don’t let one match clear the bank and put you out before the NFL Season even begins.

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