Online Bookie Tips: Promote Online Casinos To Your Players

Friday, 23 June 2017 / Published in Bookie Tips

If you, as a pay per head agent, aren’t promoting the online casino, you’re missing out on profit. Some of you might be missing out on substantial profit. Start to promote online casinos to your players.

Keep reading for 3 reasons why this is the case.

The House (You!) Always Has an Edge

Sometimes, it’s difficult for agents to turn revenue into profit. The main reason for this is because betting on sports, making horse racing bets, and making future wagers requires skill.

Football, basketball, and baseball handicappers have a lot of experience when it comes to setting fair odds for an against the spread line.

Not only that, but many sports handicappers are experts at knowing how to bet on their favorite sport.

That’s not the case with the online casino. With the online casino, the house, that’s you, always has the edge.

That’s not to say that winning at blackjack doesn’t require skill. It is to say that, eventually, the best blackjack player in the world comes out behind unless that player is counting cards.

That’s why counting cards is illegal in Vegas. The reason Vegas is so huge on table games and slot machines is because that’s where they get their biggest edge.

The same is true for you, the per head agent. Your biggest edge is with the online casino.

Online Casinos Allow for Low-Investment Betting

Question:  all gamblers, sports or otherwise, knows that the house has an edge, right?

I mean, nobody that’s ever pulled a slot machine handle ever thought he had an advantage. So, if everyone knows that they’re at a disadvantage, and they still do it, why do they do it?

By it, I mean playing a slot machine, or casino table game. I’ll tell you why. It’s because the cost is low.

Even if the player is at a disadvantage, the low cost to make the bet is worth it. How many times have you heard a player say, “I’ve got $20 on this game just to have some action.”

Probably more than you realize.

Low-investment betting is attractive to players. That’s the secret Vegas discovered. It’s about the long-tail.

More players playing a bit every day eventually adds up to a ton of dollars.

For the player, the disadvantage is worth it just based on the entertainment aspect.

Heck, it’s going to cost you $60 for you, your spouse, and your kid to go see Finding Dory. Why not only spend $20 in the online casino?

That’s the way many players think.

Online Casino is Easy to Promote

It’s easy to promote the online casino. My dad used to take $50 bucks to the racetrack. He’d use $20 on food and beer, this was back in the early 1980’s. He’d use the rest betting the ponies.

He called it cheap entertainment. Promote the mobile betting aspects of the online casino. Also, promote the cheap entertainment angle.

If you get 20 players spending $5 bucks a day in the online casino, that’s an extra $100 bucks a day.

Right now, the only sport to bet on every day is Major League Baseball. Many sports handicappers don’t like to play baseball games.

Promote online casinos to those players. Go with the cheap entertainment angle. See where it takes you. 

Does your sportsbook management software allow you to turn on your online casino when you want to?

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