Pay Per Head Agents Need Their Player Reports To Increase NFL Betting

Friday, 01 September 2017 / Published in Bookie Tips

With NFL Week 1 on the doorstep, it’s a good time for online bookie agents to consider studying player reports. Player reports, almost more than any other reports, can be like gold in the hands of astute agents.

Check out why.

Never Forget – You’re the Boss

Never forget that your online bookie business is your business. You’re the bookmaker. You’re the CEO – you’re the boss. What it means is that the success of the business relies on one person.

Yep. You. If the business fails, it’s your fault. If the business is a huge success, you get all the credit.

Since you’re the boss, you must think like a boss. How do bosses think? First, they consider customer service and how customer service translates into revenue. That’s the most important thing about being a boss.

Second, they think about how to turn revenue, as much revenue as possible, into profit.

The Ultimate Per Head player reports are designed to help bosses, help you, accomplish both aspects of being, well, a boss.

WS Player Reports – Just Like Gold

How can pay per head agents use player reports to first consider customer service translating into revenue, and then turning that revenue into profit?

It’s not as difficult as you think. I’ve categorized it into Customer Service and Revenue to Profit:

Customer Service – As I write often, bookmaking is a service industry business. Bookmakers provide services to gamblers. The service allows gamblers to make bets on horse races, casino games, and sporting events.

Like any business, it’s important for agents to know their customers. Using player reports to find out what sports, teams, racetracks, and casino games your customers like to play can lead to more revenue.

How? First, alerting clients to games that they most likely want to play that night shows that you understand that customer. Pro players probably aren’t going to care.

Casual players? They most definitely will care. Second, alerting players to games that they are likely to want to play ensures revenue. Revenue is good.

Revenue to Profit – What’s better than revenue? Profit. Turning revenue into profit is the most important aspect of any business that’s not a start-up that’s gathered money from a Silicon Valley shill.

Since you’re unlikely to have gathered funds from a Silicon Valley shill, it makes sense that you want to turn your revenue into profit.

Profit can be automatic when you utilize the layoff account to even out betting on both sides of a spread wager.

But, you could be leaving money on the table if you do that for every ATS sporting event. It’s important to know what players provide the most action to your book.

Also, consider wins and losses. How much does that player lose? Knowing what business units, even what teams, on which that player mostly wagers can lead to massive amounts profit.

Find that information by studying player reports. Once you’ve found that information, considering allowing potential losing bets to ride. Don’t always use the layoff account to even out betting on both sides of spread.  

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