Pay Per Head Agents Need A Line Mover To Become Master Agents

Thursday, 07 September 2017 / Published in Bookie Tips

Online bookie agents that wish to expand their businesses should sign up for Ultimate Per Head premium software package. It makes no sense for any agent to not use all tools available to manage their businesses.

For those agents that wish to become master agents, Ultimate Per Head’s premium software package is necessary. It’s not even a question.


Only with premium software can agents access the line mover.

Refunding Wagers: It’s the Worst!

Pay per head agents make money by providing a service. Pro players and casual players provide action to an agent’s business by, usually, betting on one side of a spread in a spread betting game. Agents take the fee, often 10% of the money wagered, for accepting the wager.

Here’s an example of a spread wagering game:

Tennessee -2

Oakland +2

This is the actual current spread for this Sunday’s NFL Week 1 game between Tennessee and Oakland. If Oakland loses 34 to 35, those who wagered on Oakland win. If Tennessee wins 36 to 33, those who wagered on the Titans win.

What if the game ends Tennessee 16 and Oakland 14? What happens then? Per head agents must then refund wagers. That can be a disaster for many bookmakers. Refunding wagers is never good. Refunds in any business are bad.

For the online bookie agent, refunding wagers spells disaster because big profit is won by letting more losing wagers ride than winning wagers. In other words, balancing the books isn’t always the best course of action.

How Does the Line Mover Help Online Bookie Agents?

The line mover, which agents can only access via Ultimate Per Head’s premium software package, allows agents to prevent refunds. The only thing agents must do is add and subtract half a point so that there’s no possible way a spread can land right on the number.

Check it out:

Tennessee -2.5

Oakland +2.5

If the game ends Tennessee 16 and Oakland 14, Oakland bettors win. Tennessee can’t beat Oakland by 2.5 points. Oakland can’t lose by 2.5 points. A simple .5 of a point allows bookies to prevent from ever having to issue refunds.

Layoff Account and Line Mover Relationship

You, the pay per head agent, should always add or subtract a half a point to prevent refunds before using your layoff account. This just makes sense since unwisely using your layoff account can lead to massive profit being left on the table.

Only with massive profit can online bookie agents become online bookie master agents. Even if you don’t wish to become a master agent, you should still follow the bookmaking rule regarding the line mover and the layoff account.

The goal of any business is to turn revenue into profit. The rule above allows all agents to do that.

Get The Line Mover 

The line mover is offered with Ultimate Per Head Premium Package.  If you’re an online bookie ready to become a master agent and start growing your business, you need the Premium Package.

To help online bookies become master agents, Ultimate Per Head is offering their Premium Package for just $6.50 per head during the start of the 2017 NFL Regular Season.

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