Pay Per Head Tips: Why Parlay Betting Is Your Best Friend

Monday, 19 June 2017 / Published in Bookie Tips

A popular wager for casual players is the parlay bet. Most online bookie agents accept parlay bets during NFL and college football season.

Parlay betting goes down during NBA Season, March Madness, and MLB Season.

Agents might also discover that once parlay betting goes down, the amount of revenue they acquire goes down as well. That’s because parlay betting can be an agents best friend.   

What is Parlay Betting?

First, it’s important to refresh our memories regarding parlay betting. What is it? What are players trying to accomplish when they make a parlay wager?

Check out an example of a football three-team parlay bet. Then, I’ll dissect it.


Los Angeles +6.5


Seattle -4


Kansas City -1.5


A player could place a $100 parlay with L.A., Seattle, and Kansas City. What the parlay means is that L.A. can’t lose their game by more than 6 points.

Seattle must beat their opponent by more than 4 points. Kansas City must beat their opponent by at least 2 points.


The player only hits the above parlay bet at $100 if all three teams in the parlay accomplish what they must.

If KC only wins by 1 point, the parlay is a loser.

If Seattle only wins by 3 points, the parlay is a loser. The parlay is also a loser if L.A. loses by 7 points.

If all 3 teams cover the spread, the parlay hits.  A 3-team parlay bet usually pays out at 6 to 1 odds.

Why Does Parlay Betting Always Favor the Online Bookie?

Parlay betting always favors the pay per head agent because 6 to 1 odds to win 3 football games, or 3 basketball games, or 3 baseball games, are underlay odds.

Underlay odds is a horse racing term. Horseplayers use the term to describe a horse going off at unfair odds.

The odds on hitting 3 bets in any sport, especially against the spread, is much higher than 6 to 1. It’s closer to 8.5 to 1 to 10 to 1.

The very best sports handicappers are right against the spread 10% to 15% of the time. Fair odds on a three-team parlay bet translates to 85% potential profit above 1.

That’s 8.5 to 1.

6 to 1 odds imply a 60% profit. The 15% edge is your edge. Parlay betting always favors the per head agent because there is an inherent, mathematical, edge that’s in the agent’s favor.  

How to Manage Parlay Betting Experts

There are parlay betting experts. Some pro, and even some casual, players are adept at winning 2-team parlays. That’s okay because a 2-team parlay only pays 2 to 1.

It’s rare to find a player that consistently wins 3-team parlays. That’s why the odds jump from 2 to 1 on 2-team parlay bets to 6 to 1 on 3-team parlay bets.

No matter the case, online bookie agents should simply use their Wagers Solutions tools and place a max betting limit on parlay wagers. Depending on your customers, you might want to set the limit at $200 or less.

Also, don’t allow players to juice parlays with moneyline bets.

For example, if Ohio State’s playing Northwestern at home, they might be a -600 favorite on the moneyline.

Never allow players to put a -600 favorite into any parlay bet. This is a trick that many players use to build potential profit in their parlay bets.

If you can control it, you want to encourage parlay betting. The percentages on parlay bets are always in the online bookie’s favor.

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