NFL Week 17 Sunday Recap: Eagles Bounce into Playoffs, Ravens Grab AFC North

Monday, 31 December 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

The Philadelphia Eagles miraculously turned around a dreadful season to stamp their ticket to the playoffs in resounding fashion. Philly beat the rival Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings lost to the Bears in NFL Week 17.

Things didn’t go as smoothly for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers, a preseason Super Bowl favorite, beat the Cincinnati Bengals, but because the Baltimore Ravens took down Cleveland, the Steelers will be watching the playoffs from their couches.

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Sunday, Dec. 30

Detroit Lions 31 at Green Bay Packers 0 – At least the Detroit Lions didn’t quit. Matt Patricia’s squad has a lot to look forward to while the Packers are in disarray. They didn’t play at all in Week 17.

Carolina Panthers 33 at New Orleans Saints 14 – Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw a TD pass for the first time in two years. The Panthers third string QB, Kyle Allen, threw for 228 yards and 2 TD passes. The Saints’ defense looked awful. They’ve got  a couple weeks to get it together.

Atlanta Falcons 34 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32 – Although meaningless, Falcons at Bucs sure was entertaining. Both teams shredded the other’s defense. Falcons have a lot more to think about than Tampa Bay because they were supposed to make the playoffs this season. 

Jacksonville Jaguars 3 at Houston Texans 20 – Jacksonville GM Tom Coughlin called out both running back Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon for showing no heart. Yeldon’s gone for sure while Coughlin might try and move Fournette.

New York Jets 3 at New England Patriots 38 – The Patriots won when it counted. By taking down the rival Jets, New England secured the second seed and bye in the AFC Playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys 36 at New York Giants 35 – Dallas doesn’t quit. The Giants had the victory in hand, but the Cowboys’ second stringers decided they wanted to add a win to the record heading into next week’s playoff battle with the Seattle Seahawks.

Miami Dolphins 17 at Buffalo Bills 42 – Who knows where Miami goes from here? The Dolphins were on their way to a playoff berth before things fell apart. Buffalo’s on the right track, but Miami has a ton of things to worry about this offseason.

Chicago Bears 24 at Minnesota Vikings 10 – The Vikings, who were a game away from the Super Bowl last season, didn’t step it up. That’s really what happened. All Minnesota had to do was win. They couldn’t. The Vikings shelled out $85 million for quarterback Kirk Cousins. He didn’t beat a single team over .500 this season.

Oakland Raiders 3 at Kansas City Chiefs 35 – Kansas City’s defense stepped it up big time. Granted, they played arguably the worst team in the NFL to secure the 1-seed. But, secure it they did. Now, KC gets to rest this week and wait for a wildcard game winner.

Philadelphia Eagles 24 at Washington Redskins 0 – Talk about stepping it up. Philadelphia dominated Washington to secure the final playoff spot in the NFC. The Eagles should be dangerous at Soldier Field against the Bears in the Wildcard Round.

Cincinnati Bengals 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers 16 – Pittsburgh rallied to beat the Bengals, but, again, it didn’t matter because the Ravens took down the Browns. Pittsburgh gets to watch the playoffs unfold on television sets.

L.A. Chargers 23 at Denver Broncos 9 – If Kansas City had lost, the Chargers could have gained the 1-seed, a bye, and homefield throughout. Instead, the Chargers must travel to Baltimore next week to take on the Ravens.

Arizona Cardinals 24 at Seattle Seahawks 27 – Seattle stepped it up. It was an important victory because nobody wants to play in Chicago. With the fifth seed, the Seahawks ensure they travel to beautiful Dallas for their wildcard game.

Cleveland Browns 24 at Baltimore Ravens 26 – The Ravens won the AFC North Division. But, the real winner amongst the two are the Cleveland Browns who turned things around big time in 2018. There’s a ton to look forward to if you’re a Browns fan.

San Francisco 49ers 32 at L.A. Rams 48 – The Rams jumped out to a 28-3 lead. It was all over after that. L.A. gets a week off while the 49ers must go home and wonder what might have been if Jimmy Garoppolo hadn’t gotten hurt in Week 3.

Indianapolis Colts 33 at Tennessee Titans 17 – The Colts not only took advantage of Marcus Mariota not playing, but also Tennessee’s top defensive tackle, Jurrel Casey, failing to suit up. The Colts battle the Houston Texans on Saturday while Tennessee heads home for the offseason.

Online bookies should have used their layoff accounts on: Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, L.A. Rams, L.A. Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts

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Things to Keep in Mind to Manage NFL Wildcard Weekend Betting

The Bears host the Philadelphia Eagles at Soldier Field in the wildcard round. It might be tempting to not use the layoff account because Philly got hot late in the season. Trust us, use the layoff account. Chicago’s been on fire while the Eagles have yet to prove they’re close to being the same team that won the Super Bowl.

The Chargers travel to Baltimore to battle the Ravens. Make sure to use the layoff account on the Ravens. Also make sure to set max betting limits on both moneylines because either can win that game.

For the other two wildcard games, make sure to use the layoff account.

NFL Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under

  1. Chicago Bears 12-4-0 ATS, 8-8-0 O/U
  2. New Orleans Saints 10-6-0 ATS, 7-9-0 O/U
  3. Cleveland Browns 10-6 ATS, 7-8-1 O/U
  4. Seattle Seahawks 9-5-2 ATS, 9-7-0 O/U
  5. Kansas City Chiefs 9-6-1 ATS, 10-5-1 O/U

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