NFL Week 12 Sunday Recap: Saints Continue Roll

Monday, 26 November 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

The New Orleans Saints continue to put a beat down onto online sportsbooks while the Steelers, Eagles, and Panthers fail to cover as favorites. Bookmakers that used their layoff accounts on the Saints the past 10 weeks have made big bucks. Those that haven’t have lost lots of money.

Let’s get to a recap of NFL Week 12!

Thursday, Nov. 22

Chicago Bears 23 at Detroit Lions 16 – The Lions turned it over 3 times in the red zone. You can’t beat, or keep it close, against a quality squad like Chicago if you turn it over 3 times in the red zone.

Washington Redskins 23 at Dallas Cowboys 31  – Washington had their chances, but backup Colt McCoy started at quarterback. This was a classic case of two evenly matched teams butting heads with the winner being the one that didn’t suffer a catastrophic injury.  

Atlanta Falcons 17 at New Orleans Saints 31 – The Saints are the best team in the NFL right now. Use the layoff account.   

Sunday, Nov. 25

New York Giants 22 at Philadelphia Eagles 25 – It looked like the Giants might win straight up, but then the Eagles finally came back from a deficit to win a game. Philadelphia keeps their playoff hopes alive. The Giants can take solace in the fact they won against the spread.

New England Patriots 27 at New York Jets 13 – The spread went to Jets +13, which means the Patriots covered by a single point. A covers a cover, right? New England hasn’t looked like one of the top teams in the NFL lately. No worries. The AFC’s loaded with mediocrity so all New England must do is beat KC and Pittsburgh in the playoffs.

Cleveland Browns 35 at Cincinnati Bengals 20 –When you’ve got the worst defense in the NFL like Cincinnati, you must do something, anything, to stop the rush. Cincinnati didn’t.

Seattle Seahawks 30 at Carolina Panthers 27 – In the tightest, most entertaining game of the day, the Seattle Seahawks pulled out a fantastic 3-point win over the Panthers. Carolina has now fallen to 6-5, tied with Seattle. The Seahawks have a shot at the playoffs while Carolina’s on a serious downtrend.

Jacksonville Jaguars 21 at Buffalo Bills 24 – Buffalo’s now won their second straight. The Bills are suddenly a team to reckon with while the Jaguars awful season continues.  

San Francisco 49ers 9 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 – For the first time in what feels like a decade, Tampa Bay’s defense stepped it up. Granted, they played a 49ers squad without it’s starting quarterback, but, hey, the Bucs won.

Oakland Raiders 17 at Baltimore Ravens 34 – Oakland upset Arizona last week. They could do nothing against the much better Baltimore Ravens this week.  

Arizona Cardinals 10 at L.A. Chargers 45 – The Cardinals took a 10-0 lead. Then, the wheels fell off with the Chargers scoring the next 45.  

Pittsburgh Steelers 17 at Denver Broncos 24 – What’s up with Pittsburgh? They only managed 20 points against Jacksonville. Luckily, they won that game. This time, they only managed 17 points and lost.  

Miami Dolphins 24 at Indianapolis Colts 27 – The Colts rallied for a nice 3-point victory. Indianapolis has now won 5 in a row. I’ll never doubt Andrew Luck again.

Minnesota Vikings 24 at Green Bay Packers 17 –  Viking pressured Rodgers all night with their front 4. Green Bay has a 3% of making the playoffs. Vikings now have a 73% chance of making the playoffs.

Online bookies should have used their layoff accounts on: Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, L.A. Chargers, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, New England Patriots

Bookie agents should have set max money line betting limits on: Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos  

Things to Keep in Mind to Manage NFL Week 13 Betting

The L.A. Rams are favored by 8.5 versus the Lions in Detroit. The Rams have gone 1-6-1 ATS in their last 8. If Rams are overplayed, per head agents shouldn’t use their layoff accounts.

New Orleans is only favored by 7 over the Dallas Cowboys in a road game on Thursday. Agents must use their layoff account on all Saints games.

Even though the Kansas City Chiefs are favored by 15 points over the Oakland Raiders, use your layoff account if Chiefs are over bet. Oakland might be the worst team in the league.

NFL Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under

  1. New Orleans Saints 9-2-0 ATS, 5-6-0 O/U
  2. Kansas City Chiefs 8-2-1 ATS, 6-4-1 O/U
  3. Chicago Bears 8-3-0 ATS, 7-4-0 O/U
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3-1 ATS, 6-4-0 O/U
  5. Washington Redskins 7-4-0 ATS, 5-6-0 O/U

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