New Payment Solution Gets Pay Per Head Agents Paid Faster

Friday, 07 September 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

Ultimate Per Head has created a new online bookie agent payment solution that allows for faster player deposits, agent withdrawals, and both payouts to players and collections. Check out information on the Ultimate Per Head New Agent Payment System before discussing why when players pay you faster advantages arise for both you and players.

Ultimate Per Heads New Agent Payment System

The new agent payment system provides the following:

  • Agents can request withdrawals from either account, layoff or billing, without calling an Ultimate Per Head accounting representative
  • Players can deposit their cryptocurrency of choice, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or Ripple directly into their accounts
  • Bookie agents can send payouts via the system directly to players
  • Players can send money owed directly to agents via the system

Most per head agents know how much time they can save by not calling an Ultimate Per Head rep and asking for a withdrawal. Agents can withdrawal in cryptocurrency from both their layoff accounts and billing accounts.

Players can deposit in their cryptocurrency of choice directly into their accounts. They mustn’t use credit cards. That speeds up the deposit process. Another advantage is that agents can make payouts much quicker to players via cryptocurrency.

Players can also pay agents much quicker with the new system. Faster payments are always a plus.

Faster Payments Are Great for Both Bookie Agents and Players

Some might believe that faster payments only helps pay per head agents. That’s wrong. Faster payments help both bookie agents and players.

For online bookie agents…

Faster payments means revenue turns into profit faster. Think of revenue like sales. That’s why the term “sales revenue” shows up every time you think about a specific company like Facebook, Tesla, or Google.

By collecting faster, you increase your sales revenue. The faster you increase your sales revenue, the faster you make profit. You increase your sales revenue by updating player accounts.

For players…

The faster you collect, the faster you update player accounts. The faster per head agents update player accounts, the faster players use that money to make bets. That increases your sales revenue while allowing players to make wagers that they wish to make.

You and players benefit from faster collections.

Right now, pay per head agents can not only use the new agent payment system, they can also take advantage of 15% of deposits on new agents via Ultimate Per Heads referral program. Agents should call an Ultimate Per Head rep at 800-956-2957 and ask for a demo.