NASCAR Playoffs: Everything Bookies Must Know

Monday, 08 October 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

This week the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Playoffs heads to Talladega for the Round of 8. Surprising Dover International Speedway winner Chase Elliott will try to jump into the Top 4 at Talladega and challenge playoff favorites Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Martin Truex Jr.

Check out information on the 2018 NASCAR Playoffs, an update heading into the Round of 8, and how you can use your online bookie software to manage wagering on the NASCAR Playoffs.

What are the NASCAR Playoffs?

Formerly called the Chase for the Cup, in 2016 NASCAR decided to change The Chase, the final 10 races of the year, to a playoff system. Starting with 16 cars, the playoffs require drivers to drop out of the playoffs with each race in the final 10.

The goal is for drivers to finish in the Top 4 heading into Homestead, NASCAR’s final race of the season. Whichever driver finishes in first place among the Top 4, wins the Monster Energy Cup.

The NASCAR Playoff Chase Standings: Harvick, Busch Lead Round of 8

  1. Kevin Harvick – Harvick drove well enough for a 6th place finish at Dover. He remains in the Top 4 heading into the Round of 8.
  2. Kyle Busch – Busch’s 8th place finish puts him into the Round of 8. Busch must continue to drive well if he hopes to make NASCAR’s Final Four before Homestead.
  3. Martin Truex Jr. – The defending champion is 32 points behind NASCAR Playoff leader Harvick. But, Truex Jr. has a 5 point lead over Joey Logano and a 12 point lead over Chase Elliott. As long as the defending champ can hold off Logano and Elliott, he’ll make it to Homestead.
  4. Joey Logano – Logano finished third to climb all the way to 4th place in the standings. Now comes protection time. Logano must maintain his Top 4 position at Talladega this week. If he doesn’t, Elliott, or even Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski might catch him.

Logano’s only got a 10 point lead over both Busch and Keselowski.

  1. Chase Elliott – Elliott’s win at Dover International Speedway put him into 5th place on the NASCAR Playoffs Chase Standings. Elliott must continue to drive. Remember, only the Top 4 at the end of the playoffs can race for the championship at Homestead in late November.
  2. Kurt Busch – Busch’s 5th place finish at Dover puts him in the hunt. If he can climb into the Top 4 before Homestead, he could race against Monster Energy Cup favorite brother Kyle for the title.
  3. Brad Keselowski – Keselowski finished out of the Top 10 at Dover. No problem if he makes up ground on Truex Jr. at Talladega this Sunday.
  4. Ryan Blaney – At 21 points behind Joey Logano, Blaney’s an underdog to get into the Top 4. 5 races remain in the 2018 NASCAR Playoffs, though. Stranger things have happened then for the 8th place driver in the Round of 8 to jump up and get into the Top 4 before Homestead.

2018 NASCAR Playoffs Pay Per Head Tips

Odds will change from what’s listed here after odds makers consider Elliott’s monster move to 5th in the standings.

Kyle Busch                 +250

Kevin Harvick            +275

Martin Truex Jr.          +300

Brad Keselowski         +600

Kurt Busch                  +1800

Chase Elliott               +2000

Joey Logano                +2000

Logano’s and Elliott’s odds should dive because they’ve leapfrogged Keselowski and Busch. This weeks odds should have Logano and Elliott at +600 to +800 with Keselowski and Busch offering +1600 to +2000 odds. Busch and Harvick will remain the favorites while Truex Jr. remains a third choice by only +25.

Now, check out a few pay per head tips on how to manage the 2018 NASCAR Playoffs:

  1. Set max betting limits on all drivers to win the NASCAR Playoffs
  2. Set betting limits on all drivers to win the individual races that make up the playoffs
  3. Promote NASCAR betting by concentrating on the Top 3 drivers: Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, and Martin Truex Jr because they’re the most popular with a chance to win the Cup.

Also, promote NASCAR betting by talking about how easy it is for players to wager via their mobile phones, as well as the fantastic odds on all participants. Remember that all a current underdog must do to race at Homestead for the Cup is to get into NASCAR’s Final Four in the previous race.

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