Lakers Making Bookies Dollars This Season

Monday, 29 October 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

The one hoops team that every NBA fan, bettors, odds maker, and online bookie wanted to check out this season were the Los Angeles Lakers. Now that we’re a couple of weeks into the season, it’s a good time to revisit what L.A.’s done against the spread and on the moneyline.

Surprisingly, the Lakers have, so far, been a great gift to bookies. Check out info on why the Lakers are making bookies profit.

Odds Makers Haven’t Yet Figured Out Los Angeles…but Neither Have Bettors

Heading into their Oct. 29 game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Lakers are 2-4 straight up. Of their 6 games, L.A.’s been favored in 3. They were less than +4 dogs in the other 3. Lakers haven’t blown away spreads either as the favorite, or the dog save for a game on Oct. 24 against the Phoenix Suns, the worst team in the NBA.

Oct. 18 – Lakers +3 at Portland lost 119-128

Oct. 20 – Lakers +2.5 vs. Houston lost 115-124

Oct. 24 – Lakers -5.5 at Phoenix won 131-113

Oct. 25 – Lakers +1.5 vs Denver lost 121-114

Oct. 27 – Lakers -1 at San Antonio lost 106-110

The first thing to notice are the low spreads. If odds makers really had an idea of how well the Lakers might perform, L.A. wouldn’t have been only a +3 dog against Portland on Oct. 18, only a +2.5 underdog against Houston on Oct. 20, a +1.5 dog versus Denver and only a -1 favorite against San Antonio.

If odds makers had knew what spreads to set for the Lakers, L.A. would have been either a bigger dog, or not even favored against the Spurs on the road. What this tells us is that right now, odds makers have no idea how to handle Los Angeles Lakers games.

Because odds makers haven’t yet adjusted Los Angeles spreads to correctly identify whether they can cover or not, bettors should take advantage. Normally, that might be the case. Right now, it’s not because bettors are just as confused by the Lakers as odds makers are.

In fact, there’s a great chance that odds makers are setting such low, strange, spreads on Laker games because bettors haven’t yet decided to not put money on Los Angeles. If bettors continue to back L.A., no matter if they cover spreads or not, odds makers will set lines that reflect their love for the Lakers.

That’s good news for bookies, who almost without fail should find more action on Los Angeles against the spread than any team the Lakers face.

Best Way for Bettors to Squeeze More Money From Laker Bettors

Some teams derive so much passion from bettors that all most pay per head agents must do is count the money that comes in. The Lakers are such a team. After L.A. signed LeBron, they once again became the most hated, despised, team and most loved team in the NBA. A ton of NBA bettors grew up watching Magic. Even some who live outside of California like the Lakers. LeBron’s addition gives them a reason to back the Lakers.

LeBron’s also a reason to go against the Lakers. Like the team he plays for, Lebron elicits emotional betting responses.

Any bookie that’s spent time as a sports bettor knows the quickest way to lose money is to wager on emotion. The way to get more money from Laker bettors, whether they back Los Angeles or not, is to come up with strategies to elicit emotion.

Use how much emotion both LeBron and the Lakers elicit to encourage emotional wagering. Sure, an emotional bettor will score on a wager once in a while, but in the long run, no sports bettor can profit from making emotional bets.

NBA Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under

  1. Denver Nuggets 4-1-0 ATS, 1-3-0 O/U
  2. Charlotte Hornets 5-2-0 ATS, 4-3-0 O/U
  3. Milwaukee Bucks 4-1-1 ATS, 4-2-0 O/U
  4. Indiana Pacers 4-2-0 ATS, 4-2-0 O/U
  5. Sacramento Kings 4-2-0 ATS, 4-2-0 O/U

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