How Bookies use Sportbook Software to Increase Tennis Betting

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips, Tennis

Tennis is one of those things that most sports bettors rarely pay attention to. The reason is because it falls outside of what most sports bettors are used to. That’s not necessarily bad news for online bookie agents.

Why? Unfamiliarity means that agents can take a more proactive stance on tennis betting. A proactive stance should lead to more tennis betting action. The best way for agents to do that is to utilize sportsbook software tools and reports to increase action.

How Bookies use Sportbook Software to Increase Tennis Betting

  1. Study player activity reports

You should study player activity reports to discover if any of your current clients already bet on tennis matches. If those bettors wager on tennis, what sort of tennis wagers do they make? Do they prefer to make money line wagers on which player wins a specific tennis tournament? Do they make wagers on specific matches, over/under total sets in matches? Or, do they prefer to place future tennis bets on who wins the major championships?

Player activity reports provides great information to per head agents. With those player activity reports, agents can remind their current tennis bettors about that week’s tennis matches.

  1. Set up tennis bet alerts

One of Ultimate Per Head’s newest tools is the Bet Alert tool. The bet alert tool pings agents when a wager has been placed. With player activity reports in hand, agents can use the bet alert tool to ping them when their client that makes the most tennis bets makes a wager on the next tennis tournament.

Then, per head agents can use that information to promote tennis betting to their other players. Most casual players prefer to wager after a pro has laid down their money. If a pro bets on tennis, casual players are likely to also bet on tennis.

  1. Use the schedule limit override tool

Tennis really heats up during the summer when eyeballs are either on baseball, golf, or NASCAR racing. When an online bookie agent is ready to promote tennis betting, they should set a schedule limit override on most every other sport with, possibly, the exception of MLB.

Once the schedule limit takes effect, online bookies should then promote that week’s tennis tournament. That should definitely increase tennis betting action.

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