Pay Per Head Tips: How To Triple Your Profits During Triple Crown

Thursday, 11 May 2017 / Published in Horse Racing

Two races, the Preakness Stakes on May 20 and the Belmont Stakes on June 10, are left in the 2017 Triple Crown of Horse Racing. Online bookie agents can make a profit on the final two Triple Crown races. Check out some things agents can do to triple profits during the Triple Crown.

Check Player Activity Reports

Players that have put money on Triple Crown races before are likely to put money on Triple Crown races again. Checking player activity reports is the best way to find out who those players are.

Sending marketing messages to those players about Triple Crown race days is a must.

You can also increase horse racing betting action from players that have never placed a horse racing bet. The reason is because Triple Crown races are the most buzzed about races of the year.

From now until May 20, news outlets discuss Always Dreaming’s chances of winning the Triple Crown.

Since the Kentucky Derby has already taken place, a good way to find potential Preakness and Belmont players is to see who placed horse racing bets on the Kentucky Derby.

Check Wagers Reports for Horse Racing Bets

It’s important to check the wagers report for horse racing bets. The wagers report breaks down by unit. Per head agents can see right away how much action they received from horse racing bets on Kentucky Derby Day, May 6.

The more action the better. Then, cross-reference the wagers report with player activity reports.

You’ll want to develop specific marketing messages for your pro horseplayers that are different from your casual horseplayers.

Send Marketing Messages About Triple Crown Races

Below are the dates of the next two Triple Crown races along with ideas on when to send marketing messages to your players.

Preakness Stakes, May 20 – Send marketing messages the week of the Preakness. Also, consider sending messages the day of the draw. Pump up Always Dreaming’s chances of winning the Triple Crown. Great races abound at all tracks on Triple Crown Race Days. Mention that.

Belmont Stakes, June 10 – If Always Dreaming wins the Preakness Stakes, you must mention that in all marketing messages. Triple Crown winners almost never occur. There’s only been fifteen in the 142 year history of the Triple Crown.

If Always Dreaming doesn’t win, mention the breadth of quality races on Belmont Stakes Day. If some of your non-horseplayers catch the fever, those individuals could become horseplayers for life.

That’s a lot of action going to your online racebook.