Stanley Cup Lessons Learned and 2017-18 Opening Odds for Bookies

Friday, 16 June 2017 / Published in Hockey

The 2017 Stanley Cup is in the books. The Pittsburgh Penguins took home the Stanley Cup after beating the Nashville Predators 4 games to 2.

Already, NHL odds are out for next year’s Cup. Before getting into that, what lesson did online bookie agents learn?  

How Rare was Pittsburgh’s Back-To-Back Stanley Cup Win?

Before discussing the main lesson, it’s important to note that the Pens were the first team to win back-to-back Stanley Cups since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.

That was a long drought for back-to-back Stanley Cup winners.

In the 1980’s back-to-back winners weren’t rare at all. Even in the 1990’s back-to-back winners weren’t rare.

Something happened once the new century started. Pittsburgh winning back-to-back is a big deal.

Stanley Cup Lessons Learned:  Stanley Cup Favorite is a Bad Bet

The Stanley Cup favorite rarely lifts the Cup. Before the NHL Season started, the Chicago Blackhawks were pegged as a 6 to 1 favorite to win Lord Stanley’s hardware.

Even when the playoffs started, the Blackhawks were 6 to 1 favorites.

Pittsburgh was an 8 to 1 second choice. So were the Washington Capitals, whom Pittsburgh beat in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

What does that tell us pay per head agents? It tells us that the Stanley Cup favorite is a bad bet.

Let’s check out the odds for next year’s Cup.

2017-2018 Stanley Cup Opening Odds

  • Pittsburgh Penguins       +900
  • Edmonton Oilers             +1200
  • Washington Capitals      +1200
  • Tampa Bay Lightning    +1200
  • Anaheim Ducks               +1400
  • Nashville Predators        +1400
  • Chicago Blackhawks       +1400


Stanley Cup Lesson Learneds:  Set Stanley Cup Max Betting Limits

Pittsburgh is a favorite to perform the three-peat. Winning three championships in a row in any sport is almost impossible to do.

In the NHL, winning three Stanley Cups in a row is near impossible.

But, here’s the thing, pro players and casual players know that. They understand that the odds of Pittsburgh winning at 9 to 1 aren’t fair.

What it means is that those players are going to look elsewhere. They might side with the Blackhawks at 14 to 1. To many future players, Tampa Bay at 12 to 1 is a definite possibility.

If the Caps resign all their free agents, many pro and casual players might consider 12 to 1 overlay odds.

The lesson learned is that max betting limits must be set in place on the Stanley Cup winner as soon as odds are set. Chicago’s odds to win the 2017 Stanley Cup didn’t change from beginning to end. Neither did Pittsburgh’s.

Don’t take a chance. All pay per head agents should set max betting limits on all future interests to win the 2018 Stanley Cup.   

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