NHL Stanley Cup Betting : Can Pittsburgh Penguins Repeat Last Year?

Thursday, 01 June 2017 / Published in Hockey

The Pittsburgh Penguins can do something that no team since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998 has done. That’s winning back-to-back Stanley Cups.

Pittsburgh proved during the NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs that they’re just as good this season as they were last season.

Can the Penguins do it? More importantly, how will Pittsburgh’s quest for a second straight Cup affect online bookie agents?

2017 NHL Stanley Cup So Far

Pittsburgh and Western Conference Champion Nashville played Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup on May 29. Pittsburgh won that battle 5 to 3.

In the first period, the Pens jumped all over the Nashville Predators. By the end of the first period, Pittsburgh was up 3 to 0.

Nashville fought back. At the start of period 3, the Predators were down 1 to 3. That’s when Pittsburgh turned on the jets again. They battled to an even period so that the final score was Pittsburgh Penguins 5, Nashville Predators 3.

What Happens Next in the Hunt for the Stanley Cup?

Game 2 is on May 31. By the time pay per head agents read this, Game 2 will be in the books. Agents should check the score for Game 2 and compare that to the following reports. The Stanley Cup switches to Nashville for Games 3 and 4

Wager Report – If Pittsburgh won Game 2, check to see how much overall action you received on Game 2 compared to Game 1. Do you need to promote Pittsburgh’s quest for a second straight Stanley Cup? It’s big news.

Have your players responded to the news?

If Nashville won Game 2, it should be even easier to promote Pitt’s quest for a second straight Stanley Cup.

How’s this: “Pittsburgh Might be in Some Trouble in their Quest to Make History! Check out dates and times for this weekend’s NHL Stanley Cup Action!”

Player Reports – Do you have NHL Stanley Cup betting players that love the Pittsburgh Penguins? Are they aware of what’s happening in the Stanley Cup? Also, Pittsburgh is a polarizing NHL squad.

I know a few hockey fans, who also active in NHL Stanley Cup betting, that hate the Pens. They’re going to bet against the Pens no matter what. Make sure that Penguin haters know the Stanley Cup switches to Nashville after Game 2.

Not counting Game 2, here’s the rest of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals if it goes all the way to Game 7:

June 3

Game 3:  Pittsburgh at Nashville

June 5

Game 4:  Pittsburgh at Nashville

June 8

Game 5:  Nashville at Pittsburgh

June 11

Game 6:  Pittsburgh at Nashville

June 14

Game 7:  Nashville at Pittsburgh

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