2017 NFL Betting: How To Use MVP Odds To Generate More Cash

Friday, 08 September 2017 / Published in Football

Since the 2000 NFL season, only four times has a player other than a quarterback won the league’s MVP. Those four occasions saw running backs run away with the award.

The six best MVP odds all go to quarterbacks this season, and the likelihood of another position winning the award is slim. Dallas’ Ezekiel Elliott had a legitimate chance, however, the running backs’ six-game suspension should nullify that from happening. His odds have been moved to 20/1.


Tom Brady                  +450

Aaron Rodgers            +700

Derek Carr                  +900

Ben Roethlisberger     +1000

Dak Prescott               +1200

Russell Wilson            +1200

Not only are the six front-runners for the MVP quarterbacks, but each leads a team that has a great chance to win the Super Bowl.

Online bookies may need to find a way to get more NFL betting on the MVP once the season kicks off. There are a few tried and true strategies to get players wagering on your great MVP odds.

NFL Betting Strategies

Make Players Human

One of the most often overlooked aspects of professional athletes is that they are human beings. Despite their skills and money, they are still like you and me. That is why they should be marketed that way by online bookies. It is also a good idea to personalize them in your marketing promotions. Draw on fans’ love of a player, or even their hate.

“Will Terrific Tom Brady win his third NFL MVP Award?” It works every time and bettors will identify with the player, especially if they are a fan of his team.

Promote odds with a profit

The MVP odds listed above are all 4/1, which means the NFL betting punter who wins, is going to make a great profit. Having great odds means you are more likely to see action from NFL bettors. Bad MVP odds means players will go somewhere else to wager their money. Online bookies can promote these odds to players and get

Online bookies can promote these odds to players and get action right away. Let the players know they will get a healthy profit, because that incentive will get them to wager more.

Of course, be sure to use betting limit tools. With a limited number of players being touted as the next NFL MVP and the likelihood of one of them winning the award, it is important to set max betting limits for players.

If you offer NFL betting without the tools to set limits on betting, then you will be setting yourself up for a problem in the future.

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