Champions League Round of 16: Ride Champions League Action Until mid-March

Monday, 04 February 2019 / Published in Bookie Tips

Pay per head agents that watched the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots on Feb. 3 in Super Bowl 53 might have cheered wildly for most of the game. Why not? No other sporting event in the world offers individual sportsbook operators as much chance to make big profit as the Super Bowl.

In fact, football season, culminating with the Super Bowl, is the time of the year when most bookies make most of their revenue. That’s revenue, betting action, that they turn into bottom line profit.

But, the end of the Super Bowl can also bring a huge depression in the sports betting industry. It doesn’t have to be this way. Bookies can continue to make big money. All they must do is turn their players’ attention to other sports. One of those sports is the awesome Champions League.

Check out info on Champions League Round of 16 as well as tips on how to encourage betting action.

Champions League Round of 16

Before getting into tips, check out the schedule

Feb 12 and March 6

Manchester United vs Paris St-Germain

Roma vs Porto

February 13 and March 5

Tottenham Hotspur vs Borussia Dortmund

Ajax vs Real Madrid

February 19 and March 13

Lyon vs Barcelona

Liverpool vs Bayern Munchen

February 20 and March 12

Schalke vs Manchester City

Atletico Madrid vs Juventus

Those are the 16 teams still left in the 2019 Champions League. Winning the Champions League is a big deal. It won’t take much to get players interested. First, soccer continues to become more and more popular. In fact, to many players, soccer’s a more popular betting sport than MLB and NBA basketball.

That’s why the first tip is to build on star power. By building on star power we mean to name drop like crazy. For example, Lyon battles Barcelona on Feb. 19 and March 13. The great Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona. Will he be enough for Barca to beat Lyon in a two-match aggregate and march to the Champions League Quarterfinals? Name-dropping Messi, along with Ronaldo who plays with Juventus, and even a player like Antoine Griezmann who plays for Atletico Madrid, will lead to plenty of football handicapper to look towards playing soccer matches.

Not only that, but we’re talking about 16 matches from mid-February all the way to mid-March. That 16 matches only in the Champions League.

Every single one of the teams listed above continues to play in their respective national leagues. Both Manchester United and Manchester City play in English Premier League. Liverpool is the top team in EPL while Tottenham isn’t that far off of Liverpool. Also, Tottenham also has the great Harry Kane playing for him. He’s another soccer player per head agents can name drop to encourage action.

Barcelona boasts the terrific Messi. Barca is the top team in La Liga Primera Division, Spain’s top soccer league. The great Ronaldo used to play for Real Madrid. This is his first season with Juventus, a top Champions League contender the past few years. Will Ronaldo play well enough for Juventus, an Italian Serie A team, to finally take the Champions League?

Mentioning everything written, plus other things you come up through your own research, can help turn football bettors into soccer bettors. That’s a good thing for your bottom line.

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