Pay Per head Tips: How to Make a Profit With Mayweather vs. McGregor 

Friday, 23 June 2017 / Published in Boxing


It is the fight of the century, and sportsbooks around the world have gone into overdrive for Mayweather vs McGregor odds.

The big fight will take place August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it is expected to be the richest bout ever.

While some have cried farce over the entire ordeal and the quickness in which the fight will take place, there are plenty more who are excited to see these two fighters battle it out.

Each fighter will walk away with large sums of cash, and so can anyone one partaking in a little boxing betting on the night.

You can to. Make sure you’re promoting this fight and start raking in money.

The Fighters

Floyd Mayweather may be 40-years old, but he has a career in pro boxing that dates back to 1996.

Mayweather has never been beaten in the boxing ring, and his decision to take the fight against Conor McGregor is to prove he still has it, and to shut the Irishman up for once and all.

McGregor has made a name for himself as a mixed martial arts fighter with UFC. His quick hands are only outpaced by his quick mouth, and the brash Irishman has made his short career all about winding up his opponents.

McGregor had been the biggest thing in MMA – other than Ronda Rousey – until he was defeated by Nate Diaz in March 2016. But that loss only slowed his momentum momentarily.

The two fighters will fight under boxing rules, which means McGregor cannot grapple or choke out Mayweather, moves he can use in UFC.

Boxing betting fans will most likely throw their money behind Mayweather, as a boxing match should favor “Pretty Boy”.

Mayweather vs McGregor Odds

Bookies are favoring Mayweather in the fight of the century and have the boxer at -550 in the moneyline bet.

McGregor is at +375, which makes perfect sense as he will be fighting outside of his element and discipline. For anyone betting on Mayweather, they will need to wager $550 for a $100 return.

However, anyone wagering on McGregor will need to put $100 on the underdog to make $375.

You may not get much for a bet on Mayweather, but he is undefeated in boxing (49-0); while McGregor has never professionally boxed in his life.

Can Bookies Get Burned?

The answer to this simple question is: yes. Although it’s like you can make a profit with Mayweather and Mcgregor,  you can always get burned if you let the bets get too high.

McGregor is no slouch when it comes to hand to hand combat, and he was UFC champion in the 145-pound weight class before moving up to 155.

The Irishman has plenty of fire inside and the underdog story could be alive and well. Anyone making a large wager on McGregor is destined for a sizable payday if he wins.

A bet of $10,000 would win one lucky better $37,500. That’s a lot of money, and could clean out the bank.

Have max betting limits on this game. As you should with any high stakes games. But, with odds like that, you don’t want to take the chance.

Despite the long odds on McGregor, anything can happen once the two step into the ring. He may not be a traditional boxer, but McGregor could shock the world against Mayweather.

Types of bets

There are more bets to wager on in the fight than just moneyline, and these can provide large winnings if played correctly.

Your sharps know that, and it’s much more appealing to them.

One of the main prop bets that can be wagered on is which round the fight will be won and by whom. Mayweather is +1600 to win in the first round.

Punters can also wager on the over/under for the fight. Currently, Bovada has the Mayweather vs McGregor odds of +125 for the fight to go over 9.5 rounds.

Wagering on a draw sees odds of +5000, and predicting the right result could yield thousands of dollars.

Whether it is the fight or the farce of the century will be determined on August 26.

There is a lot of money at stake, and fans of boxing betting could come out as the real winners. That’s why you need to have the right tools in place on all betting options.

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