2019 Super Bowl Update: Saints Stay Hot, Chiefs Take a Blow, Cowboys Rise

Monday, 03 December 2018 / Published in Bookie Tips

Online bookies should see a major uptick in Super Bowl Futures action now that we’re in the final month of the NFL Regular Season. Right now, the New Orleans Saints remain the hot team to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. While the Saints are hot, the Kansas City Chiefs, the favorite in the AFC, took a hit after an incident over the weekend.

The other squad to keep in mind are the Dallas Cowboys, who actually beat New Orleans on Thursday night in Week 13. Check out an update on Super Bowl future betting.

After Loss to Cowboys, Saints Remain Hot

Although the Cowboys beat the Saints 13-10 on Nov. 29, New Orleans should remain hot in Super Bowl futures. The Saints boast the best coach/quarterback combination in Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Odds on New Orleans has gone all the way down to 7/4 in some sportsbooks.

If you’re offering 7/4 odds on the Saints to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy, you had better use the line mover to change the odds. Ultimate Per Head created pay per head software tools like the line mover to help sportsbook operators either attract action on specific bets or dissuade action on specific bets.

Whether an agent decides to attract action on the New Orleans Saints or dissuade action depends on how much action the bookie’s already accepted. If the Saints are over bet in your sportsbook, you should change the line to dissuade action by lowering the odds. If you haven’t attracted enough action on New Orleans, you must raise the odds.

The key? Make decisions based on your sportsbook, not what Vegas operators are doing.

Chiefs Take Odds Hit After Releasing Hunt

A video emerged only a few days ago showing former Kansas City Chiefs star running back Kareem Hunt attacking a woman. We won’t go into the details about the video because it really doesn’t matter. The Chiefs asked Hunt about the incident a long time ago. Because Hunt lied to the Chiefs about what exactly happened, Kansas City decided to release the talented RB.

Kansas City’s odds to win the 2019 Super Bowl have already begun to rise. The Chiefs are now at 7/2 in most sportsbooks. They didn’t have a great game against the rival Raiders in Week 13, only beating Oakland 40-33 as a -15 favorite.

KC’s odds to win the championship should jump up even higher from 7/2. The Chiefs might offer odds around 5/1 to up to 8/1. Hunt was a huge reason quarterback Patrick Mahomes has posted such excellent numbers. Without Hunt, Mahomes effectiveness should dissipate.

Keep that in mind before deciding to set low max betting limits on Kansas City to lift the trophy.

Cowboys Rise After Solidifying NFC East Dominance

The Cowboys were at 33/1, but after their fourth straight victory, this time beating the top team in the NFL, Dallas’ odds should dive all the way down to around 20/1. The Cowboys boast the best defense in the NFL. Stats won’t tell us the Cowboys have the best defense. Visually, no team’s as good at stopping opponents from moving the football.

Dallas could definitely win the Super Bowl if everyone stays healthy. Ezekiel Elliott is the NFL’s leading rusher while Amari Cooper has opened up the offense. Pay per head agents must take the Dallas Cowboys seriously by setting max betting limits on the Boys to win the Super Bowl.  

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