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How do online bookie agents increase profits? That is the biggest question that surrounds those of us working in the sportsbook industry. The simplest answer is for online bookie agents to surround themselves with the right tools to make those profits grow. The most important tool that continues to bring in customers and profits is

No division in the NFL this year is as deep as the NFC East. The NFC East Division is so deep that the favorite, the Dallas Cowboys, has a 9.5 game total. What it means is that the favorite to win the NFC East is only predicted to win 9 or 10 games Below is

The NCAA football season is about a month away, and football betting punters have had August 26th circled on their calendars for months now. NCAAF has been dormant for the last few months, and excitement for a new season is growing. Thanks to the build and excitement of the new college football season, pay per

On Saturday night, August 26th, all the talking ends and the fight of the century takes to the ring. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will duke it out in Las Vegas in what should be the richest prizefight to ever take place. Boxing betting is already through the roof as everyone wants a piece of

Wimbledon started on July 3. Already, the 2017 Wimbledon odds for the favorites on both the men’s and women’s sides have dropped dramatically. Keep reading for information on the current odds as well as some info on where the action is headed. Use Ultimate Per Head’s premium tools and features to mitigate risk and balance

To become a successful online bookie agent, you need certain personal traits. It takes those traits to be successful in any business, not just the per head industry. After those traits, there are specific, essential services that all per head agents need to become successful per head agents. Below, I list 5 of those essential

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